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Our 10-bed Coronary Care Unit (CCU) provides experienced health professionals including cardiologists, cardiac nurses, cardiac rehabilitation nurses and cardiac sonographers who work seamlessly to provide care for acute coronary care patients.

The CCU is a high-care environment with a high ratio of nurses to patients on the ward. Monitoring equipment enables nursing staff to constantly monitor heart rhythms, blood pressure and oxygen levels. Information is sent to a central monitor so staff can still monitor each patient even when not at the bedside.

CCU patients will all have continuous cardiac monitoring and comprehensive cardiac testing as appropriate. Transthoracic echocardiograms are performed by our specially trained cardiac sonographers and interpreted by subspeciality trained echo specialists. Interventional procedures are performed by subspeciality trained interventional cardiologists. Pacemaker and defibrillator procedures are performed by subspeciality trained electrophysiologists.

Fortnightly multidisciplinary meetings of the entire cardiology team, cardiothoracic surgeons and radiologists ensure ongoing focus of quality in every aspect of our service. All appropriate patients will be offered cardiac rehabilitation services.

The CCU is supported by onsite services including a nine-bed Intensive Care Unit and six-bed High Dependency Unit to treat patients requiring high-level care and monitoring. Radiology procedures are performed in partnership with Perth Radiology Clinic.

Our patients and their visitors are well supported and have verbal and written education provided regarding their condition and management.