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Inpatient Fees (in-hospital)

All Cardiologists at Northern Hearts are no-GAP providers. This means in-hospital cardiac procedures (eg. Coronary angiogram and stent insertion) are fully covered by your private health fund and medicare. You will not be charged any out of pocket expense by Northern Hearts. The cost of any prosthesis (eg. coronary stent or pacemaker) is fully covered by your health fund.  It is a good idea to contact your private health fund to ensure that you are covered for cardiac procedures.

Outpatient Fees (non–hospital)

Outpatient consultation and tests are not covered by private health funds and therefore there is an out of pocket expense. At the time of your appointment or test our Receptionist will advise you of the cost and how much is covered by Medicare. We advise you to raise any financial concerns you have at the time of the appointment.

All patients are requested to make payment on the day of the appointment.

To assist, we are able to make an online Medicare claim on your behalf at the time of your payment. Medicare will then make payment of the rebate into your nominated bank account (if they have it on their system), or you will need to attend a Medicare centre for the refund.

Payment options

We accept credit card, cheque or cash and provide EFTPOS facilities. We ask that you make payment in full on the day of the appointment.