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50 minutes (Echocardiogram)


Not Required

An echocardiogram (“echo”) is an ultrasound of your heart performed by a Cardiac Sonographer. No specific preparation is required and there are no known adverse effects from cardiac ultrasound.

The test takes approximately 45 minutes and enables the Cardiologist to assess your heart muscle, valves and large blood vessels. Comfortable, two piece clothing is desirable as you will need to undress to your waist. A gown is provided for females, allowing access to the chest area. The lights are dimmed to allow the sonographer to view the images more clearly.

The Sonographer measures your blood pressure and attaches small electrodes to your chest to monitor your heart rate during the procedure. You will be required to lay on your left side and the Sonographer acquires the images by placing an ultrasound probe and thick ultrasound gel on several specific locations across your chest.

You will feel pressure on your chest where the Sonographer is imaging. The images of your heart are displayed on a screen and you will hear noises of blood flow. The Sonographer acquires a series of standard measurements during the test.

All images and measurements are stored digitally and reported by a Cardiologist. The results of the test are forwarded to your referring doctor.