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15 minutes to be fitted with the device, monitoring device left on for 24hrs


Not Required

A Holter monitor provides continuous monitoring of your heart rate and rhythm over a 24 hour, 48 hour or 7 day period.

The test is used to identify any abnormally slow or fast heart rhythms such as heart block or atrial fibrillation. The monitor is a small device (5cm x 5cm) attached by several leads to the skin on your chest. It stays attached for the prescribed period and is then removed.

Comfortable, two piece clothing is desirable as you will need to undress to your waist. The technician will shave your skin (if required), and prepare the skin with light abrasion and alcohol cleaning to ensure the electrodes are well connected.

The technician attaches the electrodes and leads to your skin with non-allergenic tape to ensure the leads do not come away. You will be provided with a diary to document any symptoms during the monitoring period. When you return the monitor, the stored information is analysed by a Cardiac Technician. A Cardiologist reports the findings to your referring Doctor.